KJSET Volume. 1, Issue 1 (2022)


David Makumbi, Afam Uzorka, Ademola Olatide Olaniyan


Radiation protection radio-diagnostic staff dosimeter hospital Uganda

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Investigation on Radiation Protection Status in Hospitals: A case study of selected hospitals in Kampala Uganda

Abstract: This article discusses a study into the radiation protection status of Ugandan hospitals. Four hospitals with diagnostic radiological capabilities were selected for this inquiry. This study used a questionnaire. The secondary objective was to increase staff awareness of potential radiation health hazards and concerns. Additionally, it was determined important to ascertain radiation workers' level of understanding on radiation protection in order to initiate the process of drafting Ugandan radiological laws, regulations, and codes of practice in this field. The study consists of 92 radiation workers. The study found an acceptable level of occupational radiation monitoring knowledge among radio-diagnostic staff in Kampala Uganda, as well as an acceptable level of radiation monitoring among radio-diagnostic staff in Kampala Uganda, though much work remains to be done on radiation protection practice, as some radiation workers' attitudes toward wearing personnel monitoring devices (dosimeters) were found to be insufficient. Several participants mentioned that their unit lacked personnel monitoring devices. The current study reveals that radiographer' current strategies for reducing radiation exposure to patients and to themselves are ineffective. As a result, corrective measures should be implemented in a systematic and consistent manner to ensure that radiation safety procedures and standards are followed appropriately in radiology departments.