KJSET Volume 1, Issue 1 (2022)

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KJSET Volume 1, Issue 1 (2022)

Published: 30th Apr, 2022



Assessing Wetland Degradation in a Growing Urban Area: Case of Nsooba in Kampala, Uganda.

Ali Warsame, Suzan Luyiga, Oluwole Akiyode [ Pages: 1-6 ]

Investigation on Radiation Protection Status in Hospitals: A case study of selected hospitals in Kampala Uganda.

David Makumbi, Afam Uzorka, Ademola Olatide Olaniyan [ Pages: 7-15 ]

Performance Evaluation of the LSBLG 1200/MCF Water-cooled Chiller Air Conditioning System.

Emmanuel O. Sangotayo, Stephen N. Nnamchi, Mustpha M. Mundu, Kibogo Ibrahim [ Pages: 16-22 ]

Adoption of Briquettes of Organic Matter as an Environmentally Friendly Energy Source in Uganda.

Brenda G. Mahoro, Innocent E. Eniru, Daniel Omuna, Oluwole Akiyode, Musinguzi Danson1 [ Pages: 23-30 ]

Investigating Residential Attitudes and Perceptions of Solid Waste Generation Management System in Makindye Division of Kampala.

PETER, B. A., PETER, R. E. [ Pages: 31-35 ]

Analysis of Temperature-Dependent Womersley Flow of a Power-Law Fluid through a Porous Medium on Analytic Functions.

PETER, B. A., PETER, R. E., IDOWU, S. A. [ Pages: 36-44 ]

Design and Implementation of a Cardiovascular Disease Detection System Using Artificial Neural Network.

Ubochi Chibueze Nwamouh, Ukagwu Kelechi John, Nakajubi Safina [ Pages: 45-52 ]
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