Information for Authors

For Authors


Review Processes:

Before the manuscripts are recommended for peer-review process, they pass through editorial review to determine their suitability for publication in KJSET and their compliance with KJSET guidelines for manuscript preparation and submission. Manuscripts will then be subjected to plagiarism check before acceptance and publication with a tolerable percentage of ≤ 10%. Where necessary, authors may also be required to nominate three experts to help in the review process of their work. 

Article Processing Charges: 

The publication fee for ACCEPTED manuscripts by KJSET is $50 or its equivalent. 

To produce printed colored figures, hard copy delivery on request by the author (s) attracts additional cost. 

All fees can be paid by Bank Transfer.

Author declaration to publish: A signed consent form (declaration form) should be filled by the authors (or the corresponding author on behalf of the co-authors) at the time of submission of manuscript to authorize KJSET to proceed with the publication of the work. Find copy of the form here.

Additional Information can be obtained from:
KJSET website: 
KJSET email: [email protected]